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" You have the wine, we have the cellar ! "



The Safe

“The Safe” is a new service offered by In Vino Gildas, established since 2001 in Luxembourg-City.

An original and flexible wine storage solution at a unique location.
The Safe is located not far from In Vino Gildas in Luxembourg-city.

Its vicinity offers quick and efficient access to each bottle.

For optimum cellar management, a prior notice the day before is required.

Customers will then deposit or retrieve their wine at In Vino Gildas.

For reasons of discretion and privacy we prefer not to give access to The Safe.

Underground facility
The Safe is located at a 15 meters deep "underground" facility. 

This environment in itself is ideal for maintaining stable temperature and humidity levels.

In addition, The Safe is equipped with an environmental unit in order to perfectly control these levels as well as providing a proper ventilation.

Storage & Long ageing potential
Furbished according to the best standards, The Safe will allow for optimal storage and long ageing potential under the following conditions:

- an appropriate temperature range (12-14 C).

- an approximate relative humidity of 75%.

- a continuous ventilation to prevent unwanted odours and fungi.

- in darkness and with appropriate lighting.

Safety & Security

- The building is under daily surveillance, with an alarm during the night

- The wine storage room is also protected by a 24h alarm system.

- It is supplemented by 24h Video surveillance.

- The storage vault has an armoured door.

A deposit contract will be made between the "depositor" (the owner of the bottles) and the "depositary" (The Safe, Société In Vino Gildas) together with a descriptive statement attached to this agreement ("Livre de Cave).




Price incl. VAT

Storage costs
Monthly rate / bottle:
1 to 60 btlles : 0,43€
60 to 120 btlles : 0,39€
120 to 180 btlles : 0,35€
More than 180 btlles : 0,29€


Your wines will be insured according to the market price (Livre de Cave). The fee is 0,5% of this value.

What is included

Livre de Cave: the complete inventory of your wines including the valuation (market price) as well as the ageing potential. It is updated annually.

Deposit contract: Signed on the day the wines are received with your Livre de Cave.

Recover your bottles: Three withdrawals per year. (Each withdrawal made on a deposit is free of charge).




Annual update

The "Livre de Cave" is established by us upon reception of your wine.

This detailed inventory includes the number of bottles, their precise vintage reference, the current market value and the ageing potential.

This process will be validated by both parties before storing your wine in The Safe.

Each customer will also be given an online access to his “Livre de Cave”, your personal register.

Free: The "Livre de Cave" is kept up to date annually especially with regards to:

- Estimated market value (transmitted to the insurance).

- Ageing potential.


105 Avenue du X Septembre

L-2551 Luxembourg

Tel: 44 19 72

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